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Italy, Rome - stamping the Costituto

We arrived at Porto Turistico di Roma around lunchtime and got informed that the marina office would only reopen at 3 pm. So we started the major clean up of The Dream, after all, we had been rising the decks with salt water for the last 2 months, so the salt was pretty incrusted everywhere.

At 3 pm made my way to the marina office with all the necessary documents and after checking in confirmed with the staff where to go to get the "Costituto*" stamped, they informed me it the Guardia Costiera office was on the opposite side of the marina.

With that information in hand, this time I was confident it was going to be a piece of cake getting the "Costituto*" stamped.

After having walked from one end of the marina to the other under a burning sun, I realised there were two offices for the Guardia Costiera, one in front of the other. Tried to ring the bell of the one on my left-hand side without any luck, so turned to the other office that had a paper on the door saying "please knock on the door", and tried my luck without success. It was almost 4 pm, and the official car was at the front with the keys in the ignition and the windows open, with this heat they were probably still having their siesta.

The following day, I made another attempt in the afternoon without any luck once again.

On the third day, we decided to try in the morning. This time we could hear the officials inside talking, we were finally getting the "Costituto*" stamped.

We could only hope that getting the second stamp on the departure day wouldn't be this difficult.

Porto Turistico di Roma map

Guardia Costiera - Porto Turistico Di Roma

Capitenerie di Porto

*Costituto - Arrival document issue to non-Schenghen flagged vessels in Italian waters.

***In the spirit of sharing our dreams and experiences we have shared this blog post in the NOFOREIGNLAND.COM website sailors community. In this post you can find information regarding check in and out procedures with location for the Port Police



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