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Here we go again!

Ella, the Golden Retriever watching the waves while sailing

Mummy woke me up again at 3 am and took me to peepee, got me in my life jacket and together with Daddy started doing those things with the boat sheets. I guess we're going sailing again.

I decided that this time I was going to be brave, I was not going to cry and I would be a true sailor dog!

I went to my safe spot and let Mummy secure me with a sheet, longer than my leash and I tried to be brave and stay there but I guess it was stronger than me and I needed some comfort from Mummy.

Daddy took care of everything while Mummy helped, and me, well I just wanted to cuddle on Mummy's lap but I didn't cry, not even when Daddy went to do something up on deck to the mainsail (that's what they call to the big white fabric sheet that flies in the middle of the boat) and didn't cry also when Mum went up on deck to change the country flags. I did keep an eye on both of them while they were doing those things just to be sure they were safe.

Before midday, Mum had enough of my childish behaviour trying to be always on her lap and sent me to my corner to have a snooze. That's ok, I was in need of that I guess but, after lunchtime, I got lucky again and found my way back into Mummy cuddles.

I'm just too cute to resist, I know.

But you know what, I really like hanging over the top of the outside sofas checking out the waves, it's fascinating. Gosh, I really feel like jumping in to smash them but then I get a bit nervous because they look very big sometimes. Plus, I think Mummy would freak out if I did it.

I have a secret, on our last sail, at the end, when the weather was quite bad and the engine was playing tricks on Daddy, I got a bit too nervous and I puked a little bit on the floor. Don't think Daddy noticed, luckily I didn't have dinner that night. I wasn't seasick I was just a bit too stressed. But that's ok, I got a reinforced brekkie!



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