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Bringing a dog to Macau

Macau Flag

We actually never had to bring a dog to Macau, not even Ella, as we got her in Macau even though she's from Hong Kong. But we did seriously consider getting a puppy flown out off Brisbane, Australia from a reputable breeder, so a lot of research was done.

It's not easy to find the required information online regardless of even trying in one of the official languages (Portuguese or Chinese), so here it goes my findings regarding the Macau Pet Import Procedures (I've no idea regarding the Hong Kong leg - most international flights land in Hong Kong and I assume paperwork is also required to get the dog from the airport all the way down to the ferry due to the quarantine requirements - but at the time we were looking into airlines that fly directly to Macau).

If your pet is coming from Hong Kong it will arrive at Ponte 7A, where imported goods and live cargo arrive daily from Hong Kong and it's called 内港 in Chinese, which is the inner of Macau harbour.

(it is highly recommended to double check these as they are only my research and I'm not an expert and didn't even ended up testing it)

1. Import License Application Form - “Licença de Importação, Modelo I”

The form can be collected and submitted at the below address in person or by authorised person or agent in Macau (an authorisation letter is required containing your personal information such as ID or Passport number - and copy of the representant ID and also your pet information: name, breed, sex, colour, microchip and country of origin).

Note that the license is issued within 3 working days and applicant is contacted by phone to collect it and the license is only valid for 30 days

Integrated Service Centre (Centro de Serviços do IACM/ 民政總署綜合服務中心)

Avenida da Praia Grande, Nº 762-804 China Plaza Building, 2/F, Macau


2. Sanitary/Health Certificate

The sanitary requirements may vary depending on the country/region of origin so it's recommended that inquiries are made in advance to IACM for details at least 4 months before the application is made, with special concern for pets coming from rabies epidemic regions (e.g. Mainland China).

A Sanitary/Health Certificate issued by the country of origin veterinarian authorities in compliance with Macau requirements is also to be submitted upon your pet's arrival.

Note that the certificate is only valid for 10 days

3. Sanitary Inspection upon arrival

A contact telephone number, port of arrival, flight number, arrival date and time needs to be provided as soon as possible so that the necessary arrangements for the veterinary inspection to be scheduled (not sure why, but I could only find reference to arrivals done through Hong Kong).

Your pet must be in good health conditions and free of any kind of symptoms of infectious/contagious diseases.

IACM - Sanitary Inspection and Control (Application) +853 2833 7676, +853 8795 2643, +853 8795 2646

4. Anti-rabies vaccine

Anti-rabies vaccination must have been administered at least 30 days before but not more than one year prior to arrival in Macau. Besides the International Certificate of Vaccination, it is necessary to make proof of the anti-rabies shot through a Blood Titer Test that needs to be shipped to an approved laboratory for testing.

Minimum age to administer rabies vaccine is 3 months for both cats and dogs so unless your an importer (pet shop) your pet will be at least 4 months old before arriving Macau.

5. Microchip

International microchip with 13 digits (AVID*123*456*789) is now accepted in Macau, I strongly recommend choosing this kind since your pet might well become a world traveller.

Local used standard microchip is 5 or 6 numbers if I'm not mistaken, and is not accepted in most countries.

Found a reference to the standard the microchip should follow but not sure ISO 11784/11785

6. "Fees"

(i) Import license application form: MOP$4

(ii) Import inspection fee: MOP$100 per pet dog/ cat.

(iii) Dog license fee (Registration fee for first-time application):

(a) Neutered dogs: MOP$300 plus stamp duty (10% of license fee)

(b) Non-neutered dogs: MOP$900 plus stamp duty (10% of license fee)

Note regarding the fees for renewing the dog license (new rules as of early 2017)

(a) Neutered dogs: MOP$200 plus stamp duty (10% of license fee)

(b) Non-neutered dogs: MOP$600 plus stamp duty (10% of license fee)

Remark: The license is valid for 3 years

7. Quarantine

If all steps above are a success your pet should leave with you to home, however failing to fulfil the entry requirements stipulated by IACM, means that your pet shall be seized and undergo a maximum of 6 months quarantine period. If the pet needs to be quarantined the owner is responsible for all related expenses

Useful links and contacts:

*** All the content provided on this post is for informational purposes only, not replacing any additional research or contact with local authorities when importing a pet to Macau. The owners of this website will not be liable for any errors or omission in this information nor the availability of information found when following any link on this post.

*** If you have experience arriving Macau with your pet give us a shout and help us improve this post contents so that other pet parents may more easily get to their new home.



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