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Transat Diary - Day 3 - Loom and gloom

Day 3 (2023-01-06)

This morning we hoisted the mainsail with 1 reef on.

Before doing that we decided to stow the whisker pole back on the mast. We furled the Jib, turned the engine on and set about our task on the foredeck. With that task done, we could now point to the wind to hoist the mainsail followed by the Jib.

We started with a Jib also on a reef while we settled in for the day, we would later decide if we will keep this arrangement or not.

The wind angle is now more predominantly on 120 AWA (Apparent Wind Angle) as we had expected.

A couple of hours later I open the rest of the Jib.

A bit deflated with yesterday's progress, we had kept good comfortable speeds during the day and had kind of hoped to be a few hours ahead of our planning, but the slow down during the night seems to have been a bit too much of a slow down, and we lost a few hours on hour planning. It seems that also I didn’t pay as much attention to our course as I should have as we diverted a bit so now we are using the autopilot to see if we can efficiently recover that. For some reason, I’m not being able to settle the Hydrovane on an angle of 110AWA I can do 120-130 and even 80-90AWA but not what we need. (I will later understand why at a cost).

At least we managed to catch up with the sleep and feel much better now, yesterday truly felt washed out much of the day, probably also not drinking enough water so a slight headache is present.

PredictWind shows one to two warnings of gusts two days ahead of us, but when we check the actual forecast we don’t understand why. It was not there on the forecast before our departure, hopefully, it clears itself out before we get to the area.

The sky is annoyingly hazy, a clean sky and sunshine always help with the morale. Would love to have something poetic to talk about, but it seems that I’m gifted with such skill neither I have such type of thoughts. Right now, I’m simply trying to cheer myself up from this grey mood brought on by the latest boat breakages and repairs so early in our journey. This past year has been full on with either long passages or everyday passages or boat work and boat parts waiting - it has taken a toll on my mood, and I foolishly thought that after the Madeira we would have a pause on this but then a month in Las Palmas waiting for parts happened and now this. Feels like I’m on a permanent bitching and wining, and I need to shake this off for my sanity.

Despite all my multiple checks, I cannot find the source of the saltwater leak, but the engine impeller water pump has not leaked since the first day even after or while we ran the engine. It’s driving me mad about this leak.

We managed to keep good progress throughout the day and night, even managing to catch up on our lost progress the day before.

24h daily run 143 nautical miles.

We managed to catch up on our planned progress and we see to be right on track.

***In the spirit of sharing our dreams and experiences we have shared this blog post in the NOFOREIGNLAND.COM website sailors community.



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