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To bowthrust or not to bowthrust, that is the question

If someone tells me again: "oh, you really should learn how to manoeuvre your boat without Bowthruster...", there’s a good chance they will be eating a broken Bowthruster control panel!

Seriously, I kindly ask for the Marineros assistance explaining that the Bowthruster just died and we get treated like little kids that took the parents car out for a drive and don’t know how to park it back in its place.

Would really love to see these super experienced dinghy sailors manoeuvring a 50ft yacht with deep keel and rudder into a 45ft berth surrounded by 50ft power boats on a marina that was not designed for such big boats and see how easy it is for them! Maybe just maybe if the allocated berth was in the marina area with enough space for a 50ft to actually turn... I mean of course we can dock together with the 40 footers but let’s be real, it takes more than just skills, sometimes it takes that little assistance of the Bowthruster...

Anyway, two weeks waiting in Gibraltar for the new control panel and we’re good again. Only took checking for power at all points of the system and find the control panel was the only place that didn’t have power. Apparently, sun kills, control panels included

Sun damaged bow thruster control panel

And now we are off to Cartagena to check in back into Schengen and eat delicious tapas.



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