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This is it!

Coloane Village, Nga Tim Restaurant

This is it, we are currently the full owners of our time, our days. The chain to the 9am-6pm grind is broken, we no longer have jobs. These past two days we still haven't really felt this new reality, we've been running around trying to complete the last list of errands before leaving Macau. We've been more stressed in these two days than when we had our stress full jobs. And at the same time going through the rush of emotions of the several farewell moments shared with friends and colleagues. I confess that on my last day of work as I was leaving the building, tears have come to my eyes, I was leaving the project that marked most of my 7-year career in Macau. Today was the first day where the To Do List resumes to finish packing the last of our clothes.

Leaving for this adventure, being expats for many years now, has an added level of difficulty. Our house is not really our house, the family, where we could potentially leave our things is on the other side of the world (the one that lives here also lives in this lifestyle).

Then I'm from Portugal, John is from Australia and our expat life is in China, so where is home for us? We decided to ship all our cared possessions to my mums since The Dream is currently in Portugal. Now for more than a month we've been living in this limbo of a half-empty house, our possessions are on the move and we will still have to unpack them when they get to Portugal and repack a big part of it for storage. Turns out it's an exercise in emotions & schedules etc. But for now, we're enjoying a beer watching the sun go down in the place where we first met almost 3 years ago while waiting for some friends and family for yet another farewell moment. Enjoying the moment in one of the last places where you can feel the essence of the old Macau.



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