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The feeling

sunset in the Atlantic Ocean

It's a funny thing when you have something in your head and it turns out different to what you expected.

I guess I wasn't sure what to expect as I've only ever spent day trips on a yacht but have stayed in the water overnight before. Just not sailed through nights and extended periods.

I was asked to explain the feeling!

Not sure I can, you spend your life doing what everyone tells you and like sheep, we all follow. I've always bucked the trend and this is certainly one thing that's been hard to break. A house permanency, place, garden, and what everyone expects of each other. I've finally dipped my toe into the existence I want for myself.

It's a rush and a feeling that just can't be fathomed.

Each week we grow closer to the inevitable, excitement and sheer fear grows in me. You know the step off the cliff moment. We're doing this we really are, like adrenaline just want more.

I've had people say won't you get bored? And boats are a money pit, I've had some people say we're mad even. I don't care, this is my version of living!

Everyone else can have their house on the land and spend 30 years on the same street if that's what get them off.

I want to be closer to nature, the water, the fish, to see the dolphins, in every inch of the ocean, that's what will make me happy. and to take my home with me, well even better.

Living the dream.



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