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That Moment

That moment when you hit the "wall" out of frustration and stress from dealing with uncooperative nautical suppliers that don't seem very interested in selling their product to someone that actually wants to buy it, that moment when DHL f.... up a delivery that adds one more week on the wait to get back in the water, the moment when you realise that maybe your not giving all the attention deserved to loved ones that are helping with the daily logistics and the juggling back and forward with translations from English to Portuguese between all parties in a country that seems very little organised That moment you know that what's really missing is the friends you consider family that staid back in Macau, the "Chipz" family and "Maggie and Robbie" that would crack a nasty joke at your expense, drink a beer and ease up the mood. After all, this is boat works with a limited time and in reality in this case not so overwhelming except on the expectation of starting to really live The Dream!



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