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After long daydreaming, mathematical exercises that would make my teachers proud (I hope), balancing the pros and cons we finally decided:

"What the heck we only live once and what's the worst thing it can happen? Come back and beg for our jobs, get new ones..."

We made an offer on the Dufour and went ahead with a full survey before closing the deal and John had to do a quick secret trip to Portugal over the weekend to be present for the survey.

Many hours in the air, more than actually spent in Portugal and the survey was completed with very good results.

Aerial view of Lisbon harbour

​Lucky John landed in Lisbon coming from the south (my favourite route) having the chance to check out the views along the coastline, as approaching the airport he actually flew over the marina where our future boat was!!!

Check it out, it's the 5th boat counting from the catamarans, how cool was that and what are the odds of happening?!

I'm of the opinion that John had a sail fix moment and a lot of fun opening all the hatches, snooping in every corner of our future home.

If you want to take a sneak peak on what the survey report looks like please check out ours at the following link. Besides the description by the surveyor, it's full of photos of the boat, different from the ones John took.



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