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Real Club Nautico Calpe

Real Club Nautico Calpe

A simple marina without much interest, full of bird poo that they seemed to be cleaned. with a pressure hose a couple of days a week. A few spots for a yacht of 50ft and 2.30 m draft but trickier access to the fuel dock since depths are between 2-3m at the dock.

What was of note is that this is the first place that I actually felt robbed! and I’m not talking about the daily rate, which I still consider high considering the place and the services available.

Daily rate doesn’t include electricity and water and there isn’t a problem to pay for it separately however not like it’s done here.

Upon check-in, we were asked if we needed electricity and water, not a strange question we’ve been in many places where it’s paid separately (by meter) so we said yes we MAY need some. We paid for the days we were staying since in Spain you seem to pay in advance and we knew that we needed to wait those days for the wind to change. We asked when would the Marinero go and connect the electricity and water and that ’s when I found out that they immediately added to our bill a flat rate defined by boat length times the duration of stay for the water and electricity!

By then it was too late, the bill was already paid by card and we only found the amounts when they gave us the receipt after payment was processed.

Honestly, I felt robbed, by the attitude and amount.

Let’s just say that we didn’t pay even close for both water and electricity during our one month stay in Gibraltar that we paid here for 5 days!

WiFi seems to be free and reasonably working. I’ve uploaded 2 YouTube videos and watched some also and that’s more than we can say from other places.



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