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Re-entering Schengen through Madeira

The moment you realize life can get extremely difficult and that we may go through problems when reentering Europe with Ella and hope for the best with what you have in hands.

Morocco was like that, it's not a pet-friendly place, people don't really have dogs and they see them as a dirty thing. So finding a vet to get a health/sanitary certificate seemed just a dream. We didn't see any in town and a search on the internet also didn't give convincing results so since we have the EU pet passport and the anti-Rabies titer exam we decided to send those in advance together with all our and boat documents to the next port of entry. And then call them to confirm they received the scans and emphasize that we are re-entering Schengen coming from Morocco with a dog and that veterinary authorities may be needed, they replied that information was well received and would be handled.

We set sail and 72 h later we arrived Madeira without knowing what to expect since we didn't receive any other communication on the days before our departure from Rabat, Morocco. Proceeded to the office for check in with all our documents while Ella stayed on board until clearance was given. Once we finished the normal procedures for us and yacht I queried about the dog and got has reply that they had all the documents that I had sent previously it was ok for the dog to leave the boat without any issues. All I can say is that the staff at Quinta do Lorde Marina in Madeira took really good care of us from pre-arrival to departure! And just like that, we were back in Europe territory without a fuss!



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