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Promoted to Admiral!

It’s been a while since I shared something about what’s going on here at The Dream, I’ve been quite busy doing my usual important stuff like snoozing in all different shaded spots on the foredeck, or flirting disgracefully with our French dock neighbours while teaching them that the French baguettes are to be shared with me every day.

All this while mummy and daddy work hard cleaning up and doing some other strange works on the boat.

Ella doing important stuff (aka snoozing)

But I have good news.

Yup, I was finally promoted to Admiral!

Not sure what it means but sounds good to me.

Anyway, I’m a big girl now, you know. I’ve turned four just before we started the season and after the first two passages, I finally understood the deal, if I stay pretty in the cockpit when the boat is moving I can fluff around freely when the sea conditions are good and if my crew is not clipped in also. It’s really cool but I’m not allowed to stretch myself on the main helm station combing yet.

I think this as to do with my new position as Admiral.

It’s a really high position on the boat.

I still have no idea what the heck my humans are doing with all the sheets and motor thing but I’m good with that as long as I get my Breakkie on time, my dinghy rides and swim moments.

For most of the time when we are sailing, I just lay down and have a few snoozes on my cockpit seat once I’m done with sea watching.

Need to keep asking in between snoozes: “are we there yet?”, because sometimes my crew takes a hell of a lot of time to arrive in our new anchorage playing with sails and stuff but I guess that’s the Med.

The last two big passages I was super brave and even held mummy and daddy hands when things got a bit rough, I was really good at comforting them. I was not scared at all when small balls of ice started falling from the sky. I like ice, it’s crunchy.

They, on the other hand, didn’t seem to enjoy it at all. Don’t understand what is wrong with lots of ice balls if anything was wrong is that they were really small for me to play with.

Anyway, we are in Greece now so no more French baguettes.



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