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Mallorca could start an export business of mosquitos and would still have plenty to provide anyone in the area!

They invaded our boat and our friends boat also, there’s no mosquito net that keeps these little buggers away (our companionway doesn’t have net, yet), we try and keep all windows without net closed at all times but even closing the companionway before getting close to sundown doesn’t seem to help, they are everywhere.

Mosquito repellent is essential, killer spray seems to be becoming part of the routines despite our disapproval, an electrical repellent burner is a new habit and not even with the burning coils placed on the cockpit we seem to be safe.

Even using all the options at the same time does not do the trick!

With the lack of uncovered skin for the mosquitos to delight with I still ended up bitten on my forehead again!

On the other hand, truth be said no piece of clothing will keep you safe, the little devils will bite you over your clothes anyway.



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