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Montenegro, Tivat - Check-out and duty-free fuel

With just a few hints of what would be needed, after querying the Med Sailing Facebook group, the day after we arrived Tivat we decided to pay a visit to the fuel dock at Marina Porto Montenegro to clarify our doubts. There had been a conversation about the need for a stamp but not fully clarified if it was a rubber stamp or a paper stamp like a vignette, there were notes about agent fees in some places and minimum amounts of purchase (that was way more than our capacity).

We got in our dinghy and made our way there, tied to a corner on the dock and went to their office to clarify all items, the answer couldn’t be more positive.

More precisely 0.64€ per Litre of diesel, less than half of the price we had been seeing in Greece (1.41€) and even less than the price we had seen in Italy (1.83€).

With such potential savings only if we were crazy we would not take the opportunity!

There was no agent fee only a 0.06€ handling fee already included on the diesel price per litre, there was no minimum amount requirement only limit was the fact that they will only supply two thirds of the total capacity of the tanks (ie 600ltr tank they will sell you a maximum of 400ltrs) our personal boat rubber stamp was okay (our only says “Sailing The Dream” and has our logo, they seem to only care that the name of the boat is readable), they accept credit card or cash and the only catch is you must depart the country immediately after fuel purchase, they would make a booking for us for our departure day and they would assist us with the checkout procedures.

Pretty easy and straightforward.

On our departure day we arrived earlier to the fuel dock and hoped to get on the hammerhead side of it but got informed that section was for local full price fuel only, we had to wait for a big motor yacht to arrive and get on the side dock before us due to his size. We waited for 1h for his excellency to move from the marina berth right next door to the fuel dock, even though when I had called the fuel dock way before our scheduled time informing that we were already available for the fuel up the captain decided to interfere in the conversation because he was also booked for the same time slot and that was just not acceptable. Had he said he was going to be late 1h and the fuel dock would have taken care of our business in a blink of an eye before he even started his engines.

Anyway he arrived, docked, we followed in, docked, we fuelled up in 20 minutes, paid and got taken to Customs in a golf cart and in 40 minutes total, we had completed all process.

We were now free to go to Croatia with full tanks.

Sunset in Tivat

***In the spirit of sharing our dreams and experiences we have shared this blog post in the NOFOREIGNLAND.COM website sailors community.



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