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It's Gibraltar National Day!

It's been 25 days since we arrived Gibraltar and that means it has been another 25 days of work on our upgrades, provisioning and sourcing out what we need for the installations. Ok, we didn't work 100% of the time, we did it at our own pace but also at the mercy of the deliveries of our upgrades and of course not all is completed, it never is but for now we've decided it is and we will enjoy the next few days here in Gibraltar before we depart towards Morocco.

The National Day party was the perfect time to put a bookend on boat works, relax and take the opportunity to discover a different side of Gibraltar

Gibraltarians take this day very seriously and the entire town is covered in white and red little flags and Union Jacks. The local boats are all dressed up with celebration flags some taking it more seriously than others.

Tradition says that we should all dress in the colours of the flag, red and white as far as your eyes can see!

Some true legends sport it with very special care, from true stylish to ridiculously kitsch but after all, that's what makes it so fun and maybe even special.

Anyway, seems like everyone is letting their hair down and trying to have as much fun as they possibly can. Festivities started at 9.30 am at Casemates Squares with disco music and drinking and only finished well after the fireworks at 10.30 pm. I would say that tomorrow, Monday morning, not much work is going to be done in Gib.

Besides having great fun with some "people watching", drinking and dancing with the locals we got treated to a great display of fireworks which we enjoyed from our yachts deck in the company of our little Papusca Ella!

***More photos of this place can be seen on Sailing The Dream facebook page just click on the album: Gibraltar- August 2017



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