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I'm not afraid, ok I'm a little bit afraid

So, here's the thing I'm actually not afraid of going sailing. I mean, I am a little bit but at the same time, I'm not

What I really want is to go chase the big waves but mummy doesn't let me. She thinks is not safe, but I have my life vest!

The other day I was super naughty, I managed to chew my leash and I ran up to the front of the boat to play while mommy and daddy were doing something with one of the sails. It was super fun to be at the bow under sail but I think my human parents got a bit upset with what I did. But it was really fun!!!

I don't like when we motor, that is a bit scary, the noise and the vibration, but also makes more waves and that gets me super hyper. I can't really control myself and the feeling is stronger than me.

What I really like is when we're sailing, sailing. The breeze in my face, the smell of the water. To stare at the waves imagining to crash them.

Yep, I like when we sail like that.

But sometimes, I don't know why it's not so nice. It's very bumpy and I get really worried, when this happens I get to cuddle with mum or dad and chill. It's nice.

Now you're thinking, but Ella what about seasickness?

Well, I don't suffer from that! That's for whiners.

The only problem is that I don't think it's a good idea to go peepee while the boat is moving and don't even get me talking about the other business!

It's just not happening, no matter what!

Treats or no treats I'm not doing it!

Having said that these two crazy people I live with are talking about a four-day sail?!



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