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How? Why? What? (Changed our minds)

What started as a Beneteau Oceanis finished as a Dufour Grand Large, all because of a quick visit to the boat we ended up buying "our dream boat".

There are not many images of Dufour boats online and the information lets just say is not abundant, besides the official press releases from the manufacturer and youtube videos from the boat shows, so the visit to the boat is what set things in motion.

In a nutshell:

1. The light - the salon as so much natural light, nothing like I've previously seen.

2. The light colour veneer finishes - makes space look so much bigger and brighter! We checked the same boat version but with the darker colour option and we're not going back on that at this point.

3. The galley - the position of the galley is forward in the vessel allowing a bigger living area, we don't feel like we are at the same time in the galley, and in the salon.

4. The barbeque - who has never wished for a BBQ integrated on the boat?! (like 80% of the Aussie's, including the one I call boyfriend that used this as a sales pitch, and I agree)

5. The swimming platform - my immediate thought was: that will be much easier for Ella!

Of course, it wasn't just these items, the boat is in quite a good condition, reasonably new and with pretty much the base that we were looking for the plan of living aboard and blue water sailing.

And let's be realistic, being designers the aesthetics of the yacht obviously played a big part.

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