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Hello! My name is Ella

I'm a stinky adorable Golden Retriever, well I'm actually not stinky but I'm adorable indeed!

I was born March 2015 in Hong Kong and then moved to Macau to meet my human mummy and daddy.

My favourite things in life are:

Food, I love eating, I mean I could eat all day, I think.

Ahhh apples, carrots, pumpkin, fish..... I'm getting hungry now.

Humans, I LOVE humans, not just my humans but all humans in general and they like me a lot also.

How do I know that? Well, they scream of excitement whenever they see me close by and they scream even more when I go and say hi and give kisses. They even jump of happiness because of me!

Mum says I'm being naughty and that I'm scaring people but hey, what does she know about this? I know better, I've been doing it all my life!

SWIMMING I'm obsessed with water, if I could I'd go every day to the beach to play water fetch or just jump in the waves. I really really love it.

Cars, I like going on car rides, especially if we're going to the beach but if it's just around the block it's still ok.

Balls, if you want to see me happy give me balls, I have many and there's no such thing as too many balls.

Tennis balls, rubber balls, stuffed balls, squeaky balls, big, small, I don't care, I just like balls.

We used to live in a high floor apartment with river and mountain view, mum says we are moving to a yacht, don't know what that is but I still want my own room, although I'll sleep anywhere I feel like.

I used to want a cat, ever since I saw one at the Vet, mum said no because daddy is allergic, she said we are going to see dolphins. Maybe I can have one! I saw them on the TV and I liked it.

Anyway, the world is my oyster and I'm going to be a salty sea dog, let's go sail!

Golden Retriever



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