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Fishing port - Tangier, Morocco

The new marina is not yet open (September 2017) so the only available option is the fishing port.

Mooring is done against the wall between the fishing port and the ferry port. In between other boats, 2 coast guard big cruisers rafted up to each other at the beginning of the wall and small (pocket) motorboats.

The space for a 15m/50ft is reasonably tight and although the harbour master crew is helpful they don’t speak English so can be tricky to communicate intentions and instructions. They were quite surprised to see our super flashy green extremely long (30 meters long) mooring assistance line and when I threw it at them they just let it drop a few times because they were so surprised.

So much for assistance, right?

The point of the length and bright colour is to be easy to catch and see in any conditions, not to look at it like it’s the weirdest thing ever and not react even when getting hit by it multiple times.

The wall IS COVERED IN GREASE, and all the lines and fenders will be absolutely stained as well. The tide difference can be almost 2 meters the staff said, we experienced 1.5 meters so getting in and out of the boat on low tide is difficult and can be messy with all that grease.

Any other yacht that arrives will just be rafted to the first boat, even if the crew of the first boat is not there to allow or assist.

Not sure what happens if the boat on the wall decides to leave and there's no one on the ones that are just rafted. The harbour master crew seems to be quite willing to move the boats by themselves if the boat is small enough for them to tow with their dinghy.

The harbour waters get flooded every morning with lots of trash that include dead fish or other decomposing animals (we saw the remains of a sheep), this starts to get clean around 8 am by a few workers.

Captain needs to go to Customs for passports (second white building outside of the fishing harbour, immediately behind the Capitanie) and Aduane for boat Customs (in the ferry services)

No water available unless if asked nicely to the coast guard to use theirs, electricity is on a meter and paid separately.

No wifi, no shower or laundry facilities.

Flat rate was 248 Dirham per day inclusive of taxes (around 22€)

***In the spirit of sharing our dreams and experiences we have shared this blog post in the NOFOREIGNLAND.COM website sailors community.



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