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Ella goes on a plane ride

I don't understand why humans like to fly, it's terrible, seriously.

When I saw the grey big box disappear from Uncle Carlos I thought, while enjoying some really good massages from my new friend Irene, she's not afraid of me anymore, that life was getting back to normal but in Uncle Carlos house, but boy was I wrong.

We went downstairs and the big box was in a car and I also went in the car. In that instant I knew it, something bad was coming.

We went to this place called airport and I like it there, it's full of nice people and they all want photos of me and the nice ladies gave me head rubs, I really think we should go there more often, plus it's cold inside, I like it.

My friends Fatima and Fernando also came and hang out with me and help Mummy with some papers. She was really stressed, I know, she probably doesn't like to go on planes like me but I'm not sure because my humans go on planes often. It's very confusing.

Anyway lots of stress and then I went on the plane and it was very noisy and all of a sudden We were moving but it was not like in the car. I like cars. I was moving and it was pushing me down but we were going up, then the opposite happens. That was very scary and it happened twice. The rest of the time I tried to snooze but was not very nice, I can't move a lot, there was not much space.

Still don't understand, really hope this is not the sailing thing, otherwise, I need to find other humans coz I'm not doing this again, HELL NO!



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