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Bringing a dog to Morocco

Preparing to bring Ella to Morocco was strangely easy in the sense that it seems we already have all necessary but at the same nerve-wracking because it's so hard to find any information that looks updated or that is not regarding bringing a pet from USA or Canada.

Since all I found was regarding pets from those countries and in both cases it required to have documents sent to the local embassy we decided I would go to Algeciras in Spain (we were already in Gibraltar at this point) to go to the Moroccan embassy, because we got no reply by email.

I got a ride with some neighbours of ours from the Queensway marina that we're going to Spain and quickly went to the embassy with all Ella papers and copies as well as mine.

In the Algeciras Morocco Embassy they asked me if I had a pet passport for Ella, the European one, they checked the status of the Rabies shots and said she was good to travel.

They advised me that to be able to return to Europe Ella would need to have a blood exam done for Rabies antibodies when showed the exam we did to travel to Europe earlier this year and they said that all was good for the return also.

They didn't give any paper neither they took any of my copies or any record.

Truth is said that we arrived Tangier and no one asked anything regarding Ella.

We didn't take her out past beyond the fishing port area to avoid crossing the construction site that surrounds it but Border Police and the Port Authority has seen her multiple times.

Only on departure there was some interest, since the Border Police was not happy to come to work on a Sunday (in Tangier the officer needs to be called in to stamp the passports before departure)so he decided to come to the boat and perform an inspection (which is not his responsibility) after stamping our passports out, we think he was looking for some Backshish.

As soon as he saw Ella he didn't know what to do, he was clearly afraid of her and Ella being Ella, she was eager to say hi. So I held her and told him to come in and perform his "inspection". That was a very fast inspection!

A few days later we arrived in Rabat, once we got to the arrival dock the Marina Pilots told us to wait for Customs, Maritime Police, Border Police and informed that the K-9 unit would be inspecting the boat. Once they saw Ella they reinforced that the boat would be inspected by sniffing dogs, to which we replied that there was no problem we would hold our dog during that period.

Customs, Maritime Police, Border Police came to check our papers and the boat papers but shown no interest in Ella except to inform they were afraid of the dog. We replied no problem she'll stay below deck. Of course, they wanted to inspect the boat (Rabat is known for tedious inspections) so we said we would hold Ella while they entered, let's just say it was a quick inspection once again.

The K9 team never showed up and no one checked Ella papers.

Just like in Tangier the only interest shown regarding Ella was because the Customs people seem to be afraid of dogs and they don't feel at ease to perform their inspection peacefully.



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