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B-U-D-J-E-T did we have one of those???

In the beginning of all this crazy brilliant idea of quitting our jobs, getting on a boat and going sailing we established a budget but then reality changed it all.

We started looking at boats within a certain price range and we had our mind set on a Beneteau Oceanis 40 something feet. That was our idea and we were pretty sure nothing would stop us, well, until we got to Lisbon and saw our boat.

Dufour 500GL

40 something feet became 50 and our budget was thrown out of the window. Oops, I guess they say about architects are true: we are not so good at budgeting (especially for ourselves) and we are not very good at planning or picking our own House (in this case Boat).

We went back to Macau and pretty much spend the next couple of months playing with Excel tables, that we simply hate, yes Architects again! Studying all our savings and incomes and masterminding the craziness....

In the end, the Beneteau Oceanis 40 something feet became a Dufour 500 GL and the budget, well we really should have seen it coming.

Am I happy with our Dufour? Yes, I believe I am.

As for budgets, I guess they're meant to be ignored/broken!



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