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A Quarantine diary - week 5

Day 29 (2020-04-10) Continuing developing my new love relationship with our neighbours Sailrite machine. Today we tackled the repairs and rectification on the work done by North Sails on our Bimini and Bimini Curtains. What a job! We also started preparing the old Bimini material to be reused on two new projects. Day 30 (2020-04-11) Today was the day to repair the Dinghy covers that by now has quite extensive damages due to the docks where we tie the dinghy throughout the Med. Two full days work.

Day 31 (2020-04-12) Finished working on the dinghy covers, tidied up a bit and by lunchtime, we fired up the bbq unit and had Easter Sunday for the rest of the day. Day 32 (2020-04-13) Supermarket run day. It’s been more than a month now since the last time we found flour, any kind of flour. Nothing else is missing in the shops. Spent the rest of the day destroying the old Bimini and Sprayhood seams to prepare the fabric for my next project on the Sailrite. This machine is proving to be a good piece of entertainment besides being an absolute beast of a machine. Can’t wait to get my hands on one for me. Day 33 (2020-04-14) We’ve been on isolation for a month now and for 2 and half months doing social distancing. I think this ripping off the old Bimini seams is quite therapeutical to release the frustrations of being stuck here in Tunisia when we should be already out of here. Let’s not even discuss the repairs under the insurance. I might stab someone with the seams ripper tool. Day 34&35 (2020-04-15&16) Spent the two days working on a template for the helm covers. First complex project ever and is quite absorbing thinking about how to build a 3D shape with a machine that works only on 2D.



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