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2019-10-18&19 Rocella Ionica, Italy > Siracusa, Sicily, Italy

Time zone UTC + 0.00

Local time (Italy) +2.00

The only spot available for a boat our size was a difficult one, considering our bow thruster doesn't have batteries since last season. An inside corner berth, with another yacht, docked alongside just in front of our spot.

After a quick assessment of what happened at sea during the passage that should have taken us to Siracusa, we concluded that one of the batteries needed to be taken out of the boat due to damage, while the remaining ones seemed to be okay.

We decided to proceed with our trip and use this leg as a test to see if there was an issue with our alternator not being able to regulate the power input or if it was something else causing the problem.

As a precaution, we switched off the solar array.

The weather forecast was a calm one just enough wind for us to be sure we could politely sail to Siracusa, even though the goal was to motor most of the trip to test the system.

08.35 - Departure Rocella Ionica Marina

Coordinates 38º19’425N 16º25’658E

08.55 - Mainsail up, engine on

Coordinates 38º18’553N 16º25’185E

Heading: 205 degrees

Wind speed: 4 knots

Wind direction: 35 degrees from port

Cloud coverage: 10%

Visibility: 90%

Barometer: 1031

Sea state: calm

SOG: 5.4 knots

14.00 - Mainsail under engine

Coordinates 37º54’934N 16º06’361E

Heading: 210 degrees

Wind speed: 5 knots

Wind direction: 25 degrees from port

Cloud coverage: 10%

Visibility: 90%

Barometer: 1025

Sea state: calm

SOG: 6.2 knots

17.40 - Mainsail under engine

Coordinates 37º35’869N 15º49’076E

Heading: 210 degrees

Wind speed: 2.5 knots

Wind direction: 10 degrees from starboard

Cloud coverage: 10%

Visibility: 90%

Barometer: 1025

Sea state: calm

SOG: 5.6 knots

Batteries seem okay, we can’t detect any overheating situation. Alternator seems to be working normally reducing its input as the battery bank gets full.

Mount Etna puts on quite a show at sundown.

00.40 - Arrival to Siracusa

Coordinates 37º03’550N 15º16’740E

Total hours of the trip: 16h

Total hours sailing: 00h30

Total hours motoring: 5h

Total hours motor-sailing: 10h30

Maximum Speed Over Ground: 7.6 knots

Distance: 96.6nm

***In the spirit of sharing our dreams and experiences we have shared this blog post in the NOFOREIGNLAND.COM website sailors community.



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