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2019-04-20  Preveza > Nidri, Lefkada Island (via Lefkas channel), Greece

Time zone UTC + 0.00

Local hour (Greece) + 3.00

06.00 - Departure from Preveza

Coordinates 38º57’938N 020º45’550E

Wind speed: 5 knots

Wind direction: 10 degrees from starboard

Barometer: 1021 atm

Cloud coverage: 10%

Visibility: 90%

Sea state: calm

SOG: 6.5 knots

Ana hand steering the entire channel.

06.30 - Out of the Preveza channel - Genoa

Coordinates 38º55’570N 020º43’641E

Heading: 185 degrees

Wind speed: 7.5 knots

Wind direction: 50 degrees from port

Barometer: 1021 atm

Cloud coverage: 10%

Visibility: 90%

Sea state: calm

SOG: 5.8 knots

06.45 - Furl Genoa

Coordinates 38º54’401N 020º43’457E

Heading: 185 degrees

Wind speed: 6 knots

Wind direction: 30 degrees from port

Barometer: 1021 atm

Cloud coverage: 20%

Visibility: 80%

Sea state: calm

SOG: 5.3 knots

Not enough wind to sail on this angle, not worth the trouble of adjusting the eagle of sail when we are on a time frame to get to the Lefkas floating bridge at 8.00 UTC for the opening of the bridge.

07.35 - Entering Lefkas channel

Coordinates 38º50’805N 020º43’339E

We entered to have a sneak of how it looks like, the charts give an idea there is plenty of space to wait just hovering (there was very little wind so totally possible to just “stop” the boat) but actually the charts are very deceptive, the channel is quite narrow and short (need to get used to the Greek scale of things). Slowly turn around and exited the channel to wait at the entrance, Julie and Simon from Festina Levante are with us circling the entrance, two other boats arrived and they seem to be intending to keep the order of arrival to enter the channel.

Lefkas Floating Bridge - taking a sneak peek of the situation

08.05 - Lefkas floating bridge opens

Coordinates 38º50’493N 020º42’977E

Off course a small charter boat arrived and decided to cut everyone that was already waiting in line to enter the channel and move towards the bridge, this guy just gunned in and passed the bridge while still opening racing to the Lefkas Town Quay in fear any of the other boats took all the available spaces.

For a moment we thought we wouldn’t fit on the passage left when the bridge lifted but then we realised they lift the two ends of the bridge and then the bridge spins towards one of the sides of the channel leaving plenty of space for us to pass.

Lefkas Floating Bridge - The Dream crossing the channel (view from The Dream cockpit)
Lefkas Floating Bridge - The Dream crossing the channel (View from Festina Lente our friends yacht)

08.20 - Arrival to Lefkas

Coordinates 38º49’971N 020º42’737E

We anchored to double check the Saildrive transmission oil that we had replaced the day before. Needed to be sure the level was correct.

09.10 - Exiting Lefkas channel

Coordinates 38º47’463N 020º43’647E

Heading: 073 degrees

Wind speed: 9.5 knots

Wind direction: 0 degrees

Barometer: 1019 atm

Cloud coverage: 20%

Visibility: 90%

Sea state: calm

SOG: 5.2 knots

10.30 - Arrival to Tranquil Bay, Nidri, Lefkada Island

Coordinates 38º42’136N 020º42’811E

Total hours of the trip: 4.30h

Total hours sailing: 15min

Total hours motoring: 4.30h

Maximum Speed Over Ground: 7.1knots

Distance: 20nm

***In the spirit of sharing our dreams and experiences we have shared this blog post in the NOFOREIGNLAND.COM website sailors community.



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