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Life is a mess, don't think I like this sailing business thing

So, Mummy and Daddy took the big leap and decided to go sailing (I've no idea what that is) all very cool and nice but I'm starting to think this is not such a great idea.

I mean, all of a sudden the house started to disappear into boxes and suitcases and with a blink of an eye, there's no furniture. Strangers come in, rub my belly and take the sofa away!

My toys are almost all gone, my beds are gone, the puppy gates are gone. That's actually a good one, now I get to sleep with Mummy and Daddy in the bedroom, I better stay very quiet and still otherwise they'll send me out.

All is gone, except that big grey box I don't like, Mummy gives me food inside and I'll eat it of course but if she closes the door I feel sad. I don't like it and I'm not sure why we now have it.

I went again to the mean doctor at IACM, I don't like that place or the doctors, they're not nice like Alex. It's a very scary place there you know?

All other puppies don't look happy there.

The first time I went there they gave me a shot, they checked something on my neck and we were out of there. The second time we did a game with some nice ladies, they wanted me to do something but I decided that I was more interested in belly rubs and they seem to have liked it so they gave me a special green tag that only the big well-behaved dogs have. I rocked that thing!

The third time I got another shot, checked my neck again and we left.

The fourth time they gave me a different shot, this one took something from my arm, it was red in a tiny bottle. They shaved my arm for that and they also shaved my belly to look for a scar? Alex shaved my belly once, then she did something that hurt me for many days but she gave me loves so I still like her, they didn't and I got an itchy rash. The fifth time was the worst, they checked my neck, grabbed my tail up while I was sitting and stick a thermometer inside very roughly. They also gave me some pills that made my tummy sick.

Hope I never go there again!

Now I'm living in Uncle Carlos house, I think. Some of my toys are here, Mummy is here but Daddy left a few days ago. Our things are not here.

Irene and Iong (helpers) are afraid of me and I'm not sure why I even try bark calling them but they don't come to give me loves often like Eva my friend (helper). I miss my friend Eva, she gives nice rubs.

Uncle Carlos likes me very much but he's not here most of the days, Mummy says he is in Taiwan with my cousin Snow.

It's very, very hot. Can't go outside and play or hike with mum.

Not sure if this was a good idea if this is sailing it's not fun.

Golden Retriever



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