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Leash Swimming

Leash swimming with the help of Ruffwear lifevest

Some people leash walk their dogs, nowadays we leash swim ours instead.

Summer in the Balearics is hard, it’s hot the beaches are full from early morning until quite late in the afternoon, dogs are not allowed and our fur bucket feels hot and wants her rumbustious moments in the water, so we let her swim from the back of The Dream.

But because she thinks she’s the K9 Michael Phelps we have to restrain her swimming distance range, otherwise, we will have to go pick her up in Morocco!

With the help of her Ruffwear lifejacket and a floating line tied to the yacht, we are set up for moments of puppy fun and a certainty that by the end of it there will be no traces of sand on the deck.

How come we didn’t think to do this before?!

We get a cooled down happy dog and all the needed low impact exercise done in a heartbeat, better than this only if Ella managed to get in and out of the water by herself and learned a bit of self-control and didn’t swim until exhaustion...

The face of happiness when she sees her Ruffwear lifejacket is priceless!

*** The above post is the sole opinion of the website owners based on their experience.

*** Sailing The Dream is not affiliated or endorsed by Ruffwear nor by any of their associated resellers. Ella, however, would very much like to be a test dog and model for Ruffwear.



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