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2019 Winter projects list

With the end of another sailing season The Dream needs a bit of love.

Some projects from last years jobs list weren't completed and there's also the new projects that another year living aboard demand as we further understand our needs. It is also the time for some big maintenance works.

The engine is now over 1200 hours, the anti-fouling paint is now more than 2 years old and then there's the surprise problem we had on our last crossing of the season.

The 6 month winter season spent again in Tunisia will see us reasonably busy caring for our floating home and preparing for future adventures.

Below is a summary of the jobs in hands, and this list may be updated as we go through our inspections and works.

Stainless steel works

- Stanchions - clean, polish and re-bed to deck

- Pushpit - clean and polish

- Pulpit- clean, polish, re-bed to the deck, reinforce the deck structure

- Clean and polish Bimini frame and supports

- Clean and polish bow roller and associated fittings

- Clean cable stay bases and provide rust inhibitor (remove rust stains - refer to fibreglass works)

- Clean deck ladder supports, replace missing screw on lid

- Clean front locker hinges, provide rust inhibitor (remove rust stains - refer to fibreglass works) - New helm bars and cup holders mountings to helm base - Rebuild solar panel arch supports move panels forward

- Additional lifeline fixing point in the BBQ unit

Fibreglass repairs

- Gel coat repair to back corner points

- Gel coat repair in the cockpit at sprayhood base

- Gel coat repair to general areas (punch list needed - scratches, dents, rub marks) on deck and broadsides including bow

- Gel coat repair on back platform sides

- Remove spot rust stains throughout deck zone and sideboards and clean

- Consider hairline cracks around deck and possible patching and refinish

- Clean and prepare back hull deck joint and recaulk

- Buff and polish broadsides with Rupes buffing system.

Teak works

- Scrub with a brush all the teak decking and rails till clean using salt water and fresh water rinse

- Consider making the cockpit sink lid in two hinged pieces

- Helm station teak base insert

Dingy works

- Fix damaged covers

- Clean dingy and check hull - repair as required

- Make padded seat covers

- Motor clean inside and out

- Remove fuel from the engine

- Pack and store dinghy for winter

- Grease and oil fittings


- Antifoul application(Monastir)

- Sail drive and propeller clean antifoul (Monastir)

- Replace anodes

- Check rust bulb on the keel

- Saildrive full service (Monastir)

Deck hardware

- Tighten and clean all stanchions rings

- Service winches and jammers

- Tighten deck cleats

- Service travellers dismantle clean, oil and reassemble

- Backstay anchor points require caulking at deck joint to ensure watertight

Running rigging

- Deck lines all soaked in fresh water and softener till clean, roll and pack

- Remove all unused lines and mouse where possible

- Remove all blocks, rinse and store

- Flip main traveller, side genoa traveller, "tiger stripe" halyard and bow sprit halyard (wear and tear)


- Clean all hatches inside and out, lubricate hinges and clean hold rods

- Clean all blinds (steam clean)

- Wipe down all internal woodwork, protect

- Clean all bilges, vacuum and wipe clean

- Construct new shelves and dividers in the galley cupboards and drawers

- Construct new shelves and dividers in the bedrooms

- Had protection plastic cover on top of galley cupboards

- Clean all floors and carpets

- Redesign main bathroom countertop shelve unit

- Clean ceiling with gel bleach

- Create inspection hatch on aft cabin bed slates (diesel tanks)

Sails/standing rigging

- Mast check and cable stay clean

- Remove Genoa and store

- Clean Genoa track and furling assembly

- Fix/service furler

- Clean cable stay and provide rust inhibitor (remove rust stains - refer to fibreglass works)

- Repair Genoa


- Clean and inspect windlass check gipsy

- Clean chain locker

- Untwist chain

- Review chain counter markers and replace as required, add new speed link

- Rinse chain with fresh water ensure all salt is removed

- Inspect and grease Mantus swivel

- Rinse chain with fresh water ensure all salt is removed

- Rinse anchor with fresh water ensure all salt is removed

Engine Dougie

- Fuel filter change, both filters

- Grease all movement points

- Disassemble exhaust and turbocharger and ensure no corrosion

- Replace waterlock

- Remove and clean air filter

- Saildrive full service (refer to Hull/Underwater works)

Outdoor fabrics/covers/cushions

- Fix bottom trims of Bimini side covers and add additional bracing straps

- Additional seats for the helm stations


- Battery space clean and battery voltage check

- Battery bank reconfiguration

- Software update of Multiplus, MPPT, BMV700 and Colour Control

- Revise warm white night light in the cockpit

- Fix radio connection to the antenna

- Check and fix speaker wires behind the vhf radio

- Clean up and tidy wiring behind nav station

- Check VHF antenna at mast head

- Check NAVTEX circuit

- Check nav lights connection


- Vaccum clean indoor fridge compressor

- Further, insulate the main fridge and inspect for additional temperature bridges

- Vaccum clean outdoor fridge compressor

- Additional insulation box for the outdoor fridge

- Vaccum clean freezer compressor

- Move freezer from under the floor to under starboard seats

- Additional insulation box for the freezer

Diesel heater

- Install exhaust hull fixture

- Epoxy the hole edges

- Connect to batteries

- Insulate air output and tape all joints

- Install fresh air intake on port side aft cabin

- Insulate exhaust pipe and protect all surrounding pipes and cables

- Apply liquid gasket on exhaust pipes

- Install ventilation grill on “basement lazerette”


- Construct new floor in rear locker to level floor with marine ply

- Clean Hydrovane. Check bolts and backing plate for security

- Additional support for rear fold down seats on the stern

- Clean bbq tray, drain bucket, plate cover and inspect all fittings

- Service and inspect steering system and cable work, lubricate wheels etc

- Review back platform support method grease and reinstall as required

- Clean all windows, clean caulking of mould polish windows

- Replace all flexible gas connection points purchase additional regulator fitting

- Grease swimming platform “hinge”

- Remove depth sounder unit and wind instrument up the mast as part of wintering of systems

- Change generator oil



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